Nowadays, everyone is somewhat of a professional at taking photographs. With social media becoming an integral part of our lives, taking a good picture is a useful skill to have. Don’t forget to read our social media photography article. Although many might think it doesn’t take much to get a good snap, especially with the use of various editing tools that are at your disposal, if you want to become a good professional photographer, you’ll need more than photoshop to help you out. Here at Arlequin artworks we will explain you 5 simple steps to help you get started:

  1. Do your research

Professional photography is a form of entrepreneurship in its own right and as such, doing your homework before getting started can help you to avoid making silly and costly mistakes. The first step is to research the market in your local region. Figure out how much professional photographers charge and what the most common types of photographs taken are. Maybe your area is popular for wedding shoots or maybe it’s more appealing to magazines for its architecture and roads. Knowing the common niche is a good way to determine whether it’s worth joining in or venturing off to a different market. You might also want to offer something less popular in your area which could be lucrative if people invest in your business.

  1. Learn the laws

Another reason to take your time before setting up your business is so you can familiarise yourself with local rules before your start shooting. Not every place if free for photographers to work and you might want to establish this before you get arrested for violating property laws. Additionally, owning the appropriate paperwork shows that you are a professional and you are likely to get more customers if you have some form of accreditation. Always remember, anyone can take photographs but having the right paperwork shows people that you’re not an amateur.

  1. Invest in the right equipment

Once you have done your research and secured the appropriate paperwork, the next step is to invest in some good quality shooting equipment. We’re talking a little more than a basic camera here! It is best to buy a high quality digital camera that takes clear, clean photos. You might also need some additional lenses, a professional light and various other accessories that will make shooting easier. A good editing software is also a must have to polish off the final pictures. All in all, it is quite the pricey investment but if you want to make it as a professional, you have to make the sacrifice.

  1. Establish a good online presence

In 2019, owning a business without a social media account to promote it is not smart. The world practically lives online and gone are the days where newspaper adverts were enough to get the word out. If you want people to recognise your skills, create one or two social media accounts that are dedicated to promoting your work. As a photographer, Instagram is perhaps the best platform for your to show people what you are capable of. Remember to keep your page clean and well-organised and allow the photographs to do the talking for themselves. You can also use other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or setup a YouTube channel where you show off the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of your business. 

  1. Start shooting

Now that you have everything all set up, the next step is to start shooting. Practising your shoots is the only way to fine-tune your craft and if your practice models are impressed with your work, they will definitely promote you to other customers.


Becoming a professional photographer is a lot of work but as long as you are determined and you follow our 5 useful tips, your business will be up and running in no time.