breakfast for kids

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of your day and this is especially true for young, developing people. Unfortunately, with many parents being so busy in the morning, it’s not uncommon for kids to eat rushed meals which often leads to them consuming sugary cereal and other unhealthy foods that are convenient. Small children, toddlers in particular, need to eat a balanced breakfast that includes fruits, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Their developing bodies and braids need these nutrients and relying too much on unhealthy cereals and foods for too long can lead to several malnutrition-related diseases. If you are a parent in need of quick, easy and of course, healthy options to feed your kids for breakfast, here is a list of some meal ideas to try out:

  • Health snack platter

Perfect for parents and little ones who are in rush, this meal plan includes various healthy snacks from low fat crackers and salami to fruit, nuts and sugar-free cereal. You can also add some eggs and yogurt for a protein boost

  • Oats breakfast

Oats is well-known for being a great breakfast if you want something healthy to start your day. It’s perfect for both children and adults and can be prepared in various ways. One option is to create an oats bowl that is comprised of uncooked oats mixed with fruits, nuts and sugar-free Greek yogurt and left to refrigerate overnight. The final meal is thick, healthy and delicious enough even for fussy eaters to be impressed. If you want an added sweetener, you can drizzle some honey in the morning before serving the meal.

  • Smoothies

It’s no secret that small children can be difficult to please, especially when it comes to food. If your little ones hate eating full meals, the best option to is to pack all of the good, healthy foods into one delicious power smoothie that they can drink even if they are on the go. It’s up to you to decide what kind of smoothie you want to make from veggie smoothies to fruit drinks. Just take care not to add unhealthy foods like ice-cream or cookies!

  • Healthy toast

If you have time to make a small breakfast, toast is a good option. It can be made along with a mini veggie stir-fry, eggs, some healthy meats and fruits. Add some freshly squeezed fruit juice and you have a nice meal to fill your kids up until their break-time.

  • Pancakes

For a lot of people, pancakes usually include lots of sugar, syrup and cream which isn’t the healthiest thing you can eat for breakfast. However, pancakes are quite versatile and can be tweaked to cater for a more nutrition-friendly diet. You can try making banana and blueberry pancakes served with Greek Yogurt or cream cheese.

  • Fritters

Whether you like them made with potatoes or sweet potatoes, fritters are tasty, easy to prepare and filling. They can be served with some cream cheese and juice for a quick, healthy and tasty breakfast.

  • Muffins

Last but certainly not least, muffins are not only incredibly popular but, they can be stored for days and warmed up whenever you want to serve them. There are plenty of different muffin combinations you can make from blueberry to oatmeal or even raspberry and white chocolate if you want something more decadent. Whatever you choose, there is no going wrong with a good muffin.

Making breakfast for kids is not always easy but with our list on hand, you have plenty of options to serve nutritious and tasty meals for your little ones. Take it a step further and pack some of our suggestions into your kids lunchboxes!