When it comes to international cuisine, Italian is no doubt one of the best and most famous cuisine you will ever find. Italians, much like people from other regions of the world, are known for valuing fresh ingredients and pay special attention to their food to make sure that it is rich and flavourful. So popular is Italian cuisine that other countries have created their own versions of Italian-inspired dishes. Here is a list of some of the top famous Italian dishes you can try both in Italy and abroad:

  1. Risotto

Granted, rice is not a staple in Italian cuisine and not many people think of Italy first when they think of rice dishes. However, risotto is quite special and happens to be one of Italy’s most famous dishes. It was invented in North Italy and includes wine, saffron, onion and butter in its ingredients list. Risotto varies in style depending on the region you are in and can include other ingredients like fish, mushroom, bacon, shrimp and even meat.

  1. Lasagne

One of the most famous Italian dishes, lasagne is well-known and loved internationally. Lasagne originated in Naples, Italy but has since captured the hearts and tastes buds of many people all over the globe. It usually contains beef, pasta sheets, vegetables along with a special creamy sauce that is topped off with layers of delicious cheese like cheddar or parmesan. The lasagne is then baked in the oven and served as a lunch or dinner meal with some garnishing. Originally, tomatoes were not included in the making of lasagne because they were non-existent in Italy but that has since changed.

  1. Ragu Alla Bolognese

When many people think of bolognese, spaghetti comes to mind first. However, that is far from being an original Italian dish despite many people being led to believe otherwise. The true Italian bolognese is actually called Ragu Alla Bolognese and is made from tagliatelle, a thicker, flatter form of pasta, as opposed to spaghetti. Ragu also contains less tomato sauce and doesn’t include common ingredients found in spaghetti bolognese such as cheddar cheese, garlic or oregano. Ragu is more about the finely ground meat which is meant to stand out in flavour without being drowned out in tomato sauce.

  1. Tortellini

Affectionately called “belly buttons” due to their unique shape, tortellini are also a favourite in Italian cuisine. Many people in North Italy love to eat them for Christmas and they are usually served as part of a big meal. Tortellini is a type of pasta parcel, packed with a special blend of ground meat. Some people also add cheese or vegetables. The tortellini are accompanied by a special broth that is made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

  1. Neapolitan Pizza

Out of all the dishes on this list, pizza has got to be the most famous. Originated in Naples, pizza has been around for many years and has evolved, with many regions adding their own unique ingredients and cooking style. Despite the many different variations of pizza, the best is always the original Neapolitan Pizza which consists of a simple dough that is topped with olive oil, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil. Normally, Italian pizzas are made with a thin crust and are pretty small, taking less than 5 minutes to bake in a traditional pizza oven. Many Italians will tell you that adding a lot of toppings like meat, fruits and vegetables ruins the flavour but again, people’s tastes differ.

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